About Peshtemalart

Wouldn’t it be great to revel in a lightweight beach towel when you step outdoors and bask in the sun? Peshtemal beach towels will ensure that every moment spent on the golden sands of beaches are memories you can treasure for a lifetime. Why Peshtemal? Our beach towels promise you a luxurious and premium experience that will make your time on the beach feel like paradise!

Peshtemal Towel: A Class Apart

At Peshtemal, we have mastered the art of creating delightful and ultra-soft Turkish beach towels that you can synchronize with your beach attire with ease. Available in a range a colors, sizes and shapes, you will become the cynosure of all eyes when you step out with a trendy beach towel from Peshtemal. 

A stylish Fouta towel will up your style quotient and also protect your skin from abrading sand. Peshtemal’s beach towels have been designed keeping in mind comfort, convenience and utility. So, you can be certain that when you need a towel to dry yourself or brush off the sand, these towels will be your best friend as they gently caress your skin and allow you to lose yourself in their soft, luxurious feel.

Why Choose a Peshtemal?

Why would you go for a Peshtemal when you have a bath towel at your disposal? Think about - a Peshtemal is not just a beach towel. It is much more than that. It is a part of your style statement besides being replete with features that draw users like magnet. 

A Peshtemal’s unique weave ensures it is 70 per cent lighter than an ordinary bath towel. You will love the way the fibers stroke your skin and absorb moisture. Besides being highly absorbent, this lightweight towel has the ability to dry five times faster than a conventional towel. Also, when you fold the towel, you will find that it hardly takes any space, making it the perfect traveling companion. 

Another amazing feature of a Fouta towel is that you will never have to struggle to remove sand from the fibers. Since it dries quickly, the sand just falls off, making it completely sand-free as well as naturally mold-free. You will also notice that although the towel is thin, it does not sacrifice comfort or functionality. 

This towel is a genuine Turkish beach towel that can be washed in temperatures of up to 30 deg. Centigrade. After each wash, the fibers, instead of getting compact and rough, turn softer and more absorbent, making sure you can use a Peshtemal for a long, long time. 

Frolic and Fun with Tassels

A towel with tassels evokes a feeling of fun and naughtiness. You will sense this the moment you set your eyes of this modern beach towel. The tassels look hip and cool, upping the stylish look of the towel. So let your hair down each time you visit the beach as Peshtemal towel has you covered when you need the soft comfort. 

This versatile towel is not just meant for the beach. You can also use it at home, gym, spa, swimming pool or yoga. The lightweight and compact towel will definitely become your best friend and companion for its soft, sheer look and feel, and amazing absorbency. 

Nothing should come between you and your Peshtemal and that is why purchase it now before you pack for your next beach vacation or give your linen cupboard a makeover!